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On this site you will find compositions and their scores of the different, more modern and contemporary pieces I've been composing. Here I have found a home to share what has been created in hopes that they will some day be played for an audience.

-Thomas Mann

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Snow Day in Texas, so take time to check out my site!

News 29.01.2014

Snow days are hilarious little events here in Texas. Being a school teacher now, you would think I relish an extra day off, but concert and competition dates don't stop moving closer. It's more of a feeling of un accomplishment, so much rehearsing to ...

Gypsy Scherzo, Th. Mann

News 19.07.2013

Here's a fun one. Its not finished yet, but based on an old melody of mine that written as a Scherzo for students to exercise the use of octaves. I guess now I have to more officially finish scribing the sheet music! This just makes me smile, so I had ...

P.N. Opus 1., ("Piano Nothings") by Th.Mann

News 22.06.2013

Here is the beginning of a set that I assume will never end (til death do us part). This is the first of a series of post-transcribed improvisations. I use these as "idea generators", meaning that some good ideas fall out of them which can be developed ...