Thomas Mann Music

Scores and Musings of Thomas Mann, M.M.


On this site you will find compositions and their scores of the different, more modern and contemporary pieces I've been composing. Here I have found a home to share what has been created in hopes that they will some day be played for an audience.

-Thomas Mann

New in blog

Music for Young String Orchestras

News 25.06.2017

As you may or may not now, I am a director for middle school string orchestra. For the last few years I try as often as possible to write new material for the group as well as do arrangements of popular music. I'm excited to start sharing some of the ...

New sheet music uploads are on their way!

News 07.05.2017

I'm excited to share Suite for Flute in 3 movements. This piece was the 2016 winner of the National Association of Composers USA, Texas Chapter Composition Competition. Also coming newly premiered art song Clouds Floating Low, A Haiku Death ...

Snow Day in Texas, so take time to check out my site!

News 29.01.2014

Snow days are hilarious little events here in Texas. Being a school teacher now, you would think I relish an extra day off, but concert and competition dates don't stop moving closer. It's more of a feeling of un accomplishment, so much rehearsing to ...