Scores and Musings of Thomas Mann, M.M.

M, iii. Mystère Petit

News 24.04.2013 05:43

So, I started this suite, because of a melody that I couldn't nail down to the different personalities/feelings I was going through at the time. I wanted to keep it simple, and I began. The first mvmnt. (suite), i. Magie was born for what I calledM, Three suites for Piano. (wasn't sure it was gonna be three). I then, fairly quickly, completed the third, iii. Mystère Petit. I was on a roll, but I guess beginnings and endings were the easy part. For me, sometimes (especially when trying to translate from head to paper to ear) I clearly remember how things began and how they ended, but sitting in the aftermath of my thoughts and emotions I thought "what the hell just happened during?". Thus the conundrum of ii.? That was roughly 14 months ago. Though there were many distractions (5 other songs, school, clinical teaching), I resigned myself to the fact that though there is an ending, the middle may just never end. Blah, Blah, Blah...I've finally completed ii., well, all but about 12 mm. They're in my head though and as soon as I have a second, I will complete the writing (paper) part. I should be able to record it decently in the next couple of days, so keep on the look out. In the meantime, here is a cleaner mp3 of iii. Mystère Petit. (i. is in the blog somewhere). Its simple. Thats the point. Enjoy, I have a great feeling of relief when I finally finish something that's been living in my head, rent free, for a year and a half. Please comment. Soundcloud Link: M, iii. Mystère Petit


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