Scores and Musings of Thomas Mann, M.M.

Snow Day in Texas, so take time to check out my site!

News 29.01.2014 03:05

Snow days are hilarious little events here in Texas. Being a school teacher now, you would think I relish an extra day off, but concert and competition dates don't stop moving closer. It's more of a feeling of un accomplishment, so much rehearsing to do and now less time. This is especially true when you only see one of your groups twice a week. So what do I do? What I love to do, write, play and when you have a free minute, record it! Enjoy this little piece, it's been written for a while, just never recorded or messed with it. I guess now I'll need to write it out for any one else who wants give it a play, and you should, it's a fun one!  The Jester.

Meanwhile, this gives me an opportunity to push my little composition site. While you're here, enjoy the web site. Hit the like button, look around, play the mp3's and check out the scores. Most are free, some I'm hoping will be licensed. Heck, email me, always looking to collaborate as well. -Th.M


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