Scores and Musings of Thomas Mann, M.M.



Thomas Mann graduated with a BA in Music and a Masters of Music in Composition from Texas State University. Mr. Mann holds the position of Head Director of Orchestra and Guitar at W. Charles Akins High School, in the Austin Independent School District, Texas, USA. Mann is a Board Member of The National Association of Composers, USA-Texas Chapter as well as a member of Texas Music Educators Association, Texas Orchestra Directors Association, Texas Guitar Directors Association, Society of Composers International, National Association for Music Educators, and The College Music Society. He plays Piano, Hammond Organ, Rhodes, Guitar and Bass in several genres with various artist around Texas. Along with teaching and live performances, he does studio work, arranging and composing for pop, jazz and modern works. Mann has played with many popular artists nationally and throughout Texas. He has experience on large stages as well as experience performing and conducting art music in all types of venues both professional and academic. 

Mr. Mann has written pieces for the Texas State Tuba Ensemble which were performed at the Brass Ensemble conference in Indiana in the summer of ‘09. Another composition, "Piano Drift for Two Pianos" won the Texas State University composition competition in 2011. He studied with composition professor Richard Hall and Dr.Russell Reipe along with acclaimed pianist Dr. Washington Garcia as an undergraduate, Dr. Bruce Pennycook of the University of Texas and currently for his Masters with Dr. Thomas Clark and Dr. Michael Ippolito at Texas State University. Mann continues to compose music and pedagogy for his orchestras along with popular and commercial music.
Until recently the stacks of modern-composed compositions have seemed they may never see the light of play, but now they are slowly coming to performance fruition. Thomas always tries to keep his grasp beyond his reach and strives to be as well rounded and disciplined in music as possible while driving for more knowledge and ability without sacrificing creativity in performance, composition and teaching practices.