Thomas Mann Music

Scores and Musings of Thomas Mann, M.M.


On this site you will find compositions and their scores of the different, more modern and contemporary pieces I've been composing. Here I have found a home to share what has been created in hopes that they will some day be played for an audience.

-Thomas Mann

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Dance of the Lizards released on PARMA's Navona Records

Новости 28.05.2022

Very excited for the release of Dance of the Lizards on PARMA's  Compilation Album Figments Vol. 3 on Navona Records. Click here for the catalogue page to listen or purchase.

PreRelease of Dance of the Lizards!

Новости 08.05.2022

I’m very excited to announce the presale of the compilation album which has one of my contemporary pieces! Actual release date is May 27th. Over the moon on this! An incredible recording of a piece I never thought would be realized!  Click Here ...

Dance of the Lizards to be released with PARMA Records May 27th!

Новости 14.03.2022

Looking for ward to the release of my ensemble piece "Dance of the Lizards" on the 3rd Volume of Figments, a Contemporary compilation album being released by PARMA Records. Stay tuned, May 27th!