Scores and Musings of Thomas Mann, M.M.



Dance of the Lizards released on PARMA's Navona Records

News 28.05.2022, 04:04

Very excited for the release of Dance of the Lizards on PARMA's  Compilation Album Figments Vol. 3 on Navona Records. Click here for the catalogue page to listen or purchase.


PreRelease of Dance of the Lizards!

News 08.05.2022, 18:44

I’m very excited to announce the presale of the compilation album which has one of my contemporary pieces! Actual release date is May 27th. Over the moon on this! An incredible recording of a piece I never thought would be realized!  Click Here for preSale info. For a link to the upcoming Album page to view bios, info and eventually buying/listening options,  click here .  


Dance of the Lizards to be released with PARMA Records May 27th!

News 14.03.2022, 22:48

Looking for ward to the release of my ensemble piece "Dance of the Lizards" on the 3rd Volume of Figments, a Contemporary compilation album being released by PARMA Records. Stay tuned, May 27th!


Music for Young String Orchestras

News 25.06.2017, 06:54

As you may or may not now, I am a director for middle school string orchestra. For the last few years I try as often as possible to write new material for the group as well as do arrangements of popular music. I'm excited to start sharing some of the music with you. The arrangements work very well as String Quintet pieces, seeing as that is essentially what a middle school orchestra voicing is comprised of. Enjoy! and feel free to email me if you are looking for more or even something specific. -ThM ...


New sheet music uploads are on their way!

News 07.05.2017, 06:53

I'm excited to share Suite for Flute in 3 movements. This piece was the 2016 winner of the National Association of Composers USA, Texas Chapter Composition Competition. Also coming newly premiered art song Clouds Floating Low, A Haiku Death Poem  and possibly a preview of some new graded string orchestra pieces created for middle school string orchestra. Stay Tuned!!!


Snow Day in Texas, so take time to check out my site!

News 29.01.2014, 03:05

Snow days are hilarious little events here in Texas. Being a school teacher now, you would think I relish an extra day off, but concert and competition dates don't stop moving closer. It's more of a feeling of un accomplishment, so much rehearsing to do and now less time. This is especially true when you only see one of your groups twice a week. So what do I do? What I love to do, write, play and when you have a free minute, record it! Enjoy this little piece, it's been written for a while, just never ...


Gypsy Scherzo, Th. Mann

News 19.07.2013, 18:39

Here's a fun one. Its not finished yet, but based on an old melody of mine that written as a Scherzo for students to exercise the use of octaves. I guess now I have to more officially finish scribing the sheet music! This just makes me smile, so I had to put it out there where it is in the recording now. Finished song soon...Enjoy! , -Thomas    Gypsy Scherzo by ThMann


P.N. Opus 1., ("Piano Nothings") by Th.Mann

News 22.06.2013, 22:41

Here is the beginning of a set that I assume will never end (til death do us part). This is the first of a series of post-transcribed improvisations. I use these as "idea generators", meaning that some good ideas fall out of them which can be developed into full organized pieces. But, I've felt that they in themselves are great little ditty's, why not transcribe them? So, here's one, a recording anyway, transcription will be up at a later time. P.N. Opus 1., ("Piano Nothings") by Th.Mann


M, iii. Mystère Petit

News 24.04.2013, 05:43

So, I started this suite, because of a melody that I couldn't nail down to the different personalities/feelings I was going through at the time. I wanted to keep it simple, and I began. The first mvmnt. (suite),  i. Magie   was born for what I called M, Three suites for   Piano.   (wasn't sure it was gonna be three).   I then, fairly quickly, completed the third,  iii. Mystère Petit.  I was on a roll, but I guess beginnings and endings were the easy part. For me, ...


Lessons from the "Song of the Week" Experiment.

News 28.02.2013, 15:54

So this has been obviously more difficult than I first imagined, just for different reasons. I am now teaching full time middle school orchestra along with my private lessons. 1.6 jobs gets in the way, but here is what I'm learning. I have been composing quite a bit of small ensemble pieces for level 1 and 2 strings and guitars. This has also inspired me to compose a series of Etudes and Rags for piano in various degrees of difficulty. The newly added "Dizzy" is an example. My secret goal is to be ...